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toile de hackney                                                    2004                   

research question:

Can a historical textile reference reconcile the user ‘s experience of the domestic space with intelligent reactive textiles?


social ethnography, craft vs intelligent technologies, interactive experience,  contemporary iconography, domestic textiles, narrative design

Toile de Hackney" is a collection of interactive textile hangings which combines both intelligent textile technology and traditional hand screen printing. This is inspired by the classic French "toile de Jouy" textiles which were originally produced at Jouy en Josas (France) in the late 18th century.

Three “toiles’ were commissioned by the Design Laboratory to be exhibited in the “Sensory Gateway”, a group exhibition featuring innovation in surface design as part of the Surface Design Show in March 2005.

Toile de Hackney is in effect a collection of intelligent animated textiles which depict daily scenes of Hackney in London. Using ethnographic visual research which aims at mapping the cultural and visual characteristic of the area, a design narrative is constructed in reference to the traditional “toile de Jouy”, a classic design in domestic textiles. Once again the reference to tradition aims at challenging our perception of domestic textiles, this time by using smart technologies. The toiles can be “on” or “off”. When switched on, the imagery gradually changes color and reveals new hidden stories.

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