tactile shadows                                                    2005

The focus of this particular work was to interrogate the emotional values of materials and how to design a tactile interface which challenge our perception of domestic textiles. This piece was commissioned by the V&A based on my previous work (“Remote Home” and “Toile de Hackney”).

As in my other work, this textile design aimed at subverting stereotypical domestic textiles associations, in this case the traditional theme of “floral design” was deviated by the concept of shadows as well as by the use of atypical materials and print processes. By rendering material the immaterial (shadows) the hanging challenged the traditional notion of floral representation in furnishings. By exploiting binary opposites in relation to touch this research allowed for a new vocabulary to evolve, one that combines both a visual and a tactile language. Exhibitors were actively encouraged to touch and interact with the piece and to explore the contrast between what “looks” soft and what “feels” soft.

"Tactile Shadows" was

exhibited as part of the group show "Touch Me, Design and Sensation", Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 2005

research question:

Can atypical use of materials challenge the perception of iconic domestic textiles?


contradiction, binary opposites, materials, recrafting print processes, floral, haptic, user interaction,  domestic textiles, poetics

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