This project explores the ritualistic and playful aspect of textiles in the context of the table landscape.  Pop up Lace and DNA lace are experimental pieces that examine the role and perceptions of textiles, craft and science within the context of future home.

Pop Up Lace was commissioned for ‘Warp Factor 09’, a Central Saint Martins College Touring Exhibition, Tokyo, Guangzhou, London 2009.

This Pop up Lace is the first industrially produced paper yarn lace, engineered to create pop up tea pots that can be sculpted directly from the tablecloth or the wall hanging and was manufactured by Sakae as a one-off edition for the Warp Factor Exhibition.

Materials: paper yarn, nylon, starch.

A big thank you to: Mr. Sawamura, Mr. Tazumi, Nicole Duchamp, Carole Duchamp, and Johnny Costeux for their fantastic support in the production of the pop up lace.


Warp Factor 09: Textile Futures at Central saint Martins College, touring exhibition 09:

Tokyo Design Centre, 13-19th October, Art Museum of University Town, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, 29 Oct to 1 Nov 2009, London, Lethaby Gallery Central Saint Martins College, 16 November-16th December 09

pop up lace                                                                        2009

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